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Congratulations AMRA for accomplishing a true breakthrough for the Mi-Ki Breed! The American Mi-Ki Registry Association has, with the help of scientific specialists, developed a marker for the Mi-Ki Breed! If you wish to know if you have a true Mi-Ki, you can now test your dog's DNA to find out it's true heritage! The Wisdom Panel test can now test 170+ breeds including the Mi-Ki! The Wisdom Panel test looks at over 300 genetic markers uniquely identifying each individual breed. This is a huge step forward for the Mi-Ki as they now have scientific genetic proof that they are, in fact, a pure breed. If you are interested in testing your Mi-Ki, you can visit www.wisdompanel.com to purchase a test kit, as well as through certain private veterinarians. The only test that can indentify a Mi-Ki, is the blood test. Be sure to purchase the correct test kit!

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UPDATE (June 2013):AMRA now has DNA kits available for its registering breeders and adopting pet families. It is important to ensure that your puppy is from the correct parentage not only for genelogical and recordkeeping purposes, but also for health purposes. AMRA wants to be able to give you accurate information on the lineage of your Mi-Ki Puppy and we can only do so by knowing matter of factly the parentage of your puppy.

To order a DNA kit, please send a request for a kit to: amra06@msn.com  You may also call Tamara Beebe with any questions at: (623) 412-8187

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If you are looking to add a Mi-Ki Puppy to your family, please consider adopting from a qualified AMRA Registering Mi-Ki Breeder!

Have you had a WONDERFUL experience with one of our AMRA breeders? Want to share it with others in our AMRA e-Newz? We want to hear your story! Please share with us your Mi-Ki experience(s) and why it was such a wonderful one! Email AMRA at:



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CLICK HERE to read about the 'Breeding Better Dogs Seminar' that AMRA associate breeders attended.

AMRA is proud to announce their introduction of the very FIRST "Mi-Ki Database"! For the first time, breeders will have an online pedigree research program available to them in order to gain knowledge on the history of the Mi-Ki Dogs within their pedigrees. This will help educate mi-ki breeders as to the characteristics and traits in the generations behind their Mi-Ki Dogs and Puppies and allow them to make a more informed decision when selecting breeding pairs. This will surely have a positive impact on the Mi-Ki Breed and the Mi-Ki Puppies born to educated Mi-Ki Breeders! We are always striving for education, quality, and improvement with each subsequent generation.

The American Mi-Ki Registry Association is dedicated to the verification and registration of purebred Mi-Ki dogs and puppies along with promoting the advancement and betterment of the breed.  The AMRA registry welcomes all purebred Mi-Ki whether they are for show/breeding or a family companion, regardless of club affiliation.


The American Mi-Ki Registry Association provides official pedigree and registration documentation verifying the purebred lineage of our registered Mi-Ki dogs.  When purchasing a purebred Mi-Ki, look for the AMRA seal.  This is your way of knowing that you are receiving a true, DNA-Verified purebred Mi-Ki dog and/or puppy.

Gene pool diversity can be a problem with any rare breed.  The American Mi-Ki Registry Association is trying to address this issue by uniting all purebred Mi-Ki breeders under one goal; to protect and secure the longevity of this wonderful rare breed.  Only through a reliable database (registry) and the exchange of accurate detailed information will the Mi-Ki be able to maintain its quality status and healthy lines.

The AMRA recognizes two varieties within the Mi-Ki breed:  The smooth coat Mi-Ki & the long coat Mi-Ki.  See below examples:

mi-ki puppy smooth coatmi-ki dog long coatmi-ki puppy long coat

From Left to Right: Smooth coat puppy, Long coat adult in show cut, Long coat puppy.

The American Mi-Ki Registry Association is dedicated to preserving the standard of excellence in this unique breed.  Register your Mi-Ki dogs and puppies with AMRA and be part of a positive move towards the protection of our beloved Mi-Ki.


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